What’s in Your Bag?

Hospital Bag

Welcome back villagers! So, the time is almost here to welcome your little human into this crazy but beautiful world. No doubt a time that is filled with excitement, joy and anticipation. Let’s help put your mind at ease by helping you with one of your first important tasks as a new parent….packing your hospital bag.

Mommy Must Haves

Let’s start with you, beautiful mommy. There must be countless other things on your mind; we suggest making a list and checking it twice 😉

Carry-on bag: Pack your items in a carry-on bag, preferably one with wheels. This will make your life so much easier and you wouldn’t have to worry about you or dad breaking your shoulder with a bag with straps. (We know you will over-pack!).

Pajamas set: Try choosing one that is loose fitting for your comfort and one that has buttons that will make it easier for breastfeeding.

Robe or a cardigan depending on the season, for colder months a robe may be preferable.

Nursing Bra: You may or may not need this but pack it just in case.

Socks/Bedroom Slippers: A slipper is definitely needed for walking around, whether just to the bathroom or the halls to stretch your legs as you may be a bit bored from laying around.  Pack some comfy socks as hospital rooms can be a bit chilly and let’s face it, no one likes cold icicle feet🥶

Ablutions: You will no doubt want to shower your perfect little angel with lots of cuddles and kisses. Make sure you have the following on hand; mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick and deodorant.

Giving birth is a big deal mama so after all the hard work of labor, your hair might be all over the place because you are a warrior champion so having the following on hand will be helpful; hairbrush & a hair tie. Your little one will love you regardless but you don’t want to look in the mirror and think “who is the crazy person?” 😊

Baby Must Haves

Now on to your wee little bundle of joy. We’re sure you must have a million and one outfits and baby clothes all ready. Let’s narrow down what you should take as you may be undecided especially if this is your first baby:

Pajamas/Onesies: Bring a few of these, they can be worn day and night and are easy access for diaper changing.

Hats: Hospital rooms are often cold. Take along a cute hat or two to keep your baby’s head warm.
Socks or booties: As with the hats, bring along a few pairs of socks to keep those cute little feet warm and cozy.

Mittens: Some clothing are made with built in mitts but if the onesies that you packed does not have these, pack a few mitts as some babies are born with long fingernails and may need these to protect from scratching.

Washcloth/ burp rags: They are getting used to a whole new schedule which includes feeding. Whether breast feeding or bottle feeding, messes are a guarantee. Make sure you have lots of these burp rags readily on hand….you will definitely need them.

Blanket:  These are usually provided by the hospital but it wouldn’t hurt to have your own baby blankets. You will need one for the car ride home to keep the baby comfortable and safe from the elements.

Going home outfit: Let your baby make their fashion statement by decking them out in a fabulous 1st outfit that says “here I am world!” This should be equally fabulous as it’s comfortable.

Car Seat: One of your most important roles as a new parent is keeping your baby safe. Making sure you have a safe and secure way of getting your precious cargo from the hospital to their new home  is of utmost importance. Note that a car seat reduces the risk of injury by 70% compared to seat belts.

Hope this list and tips of what you should have in your hospital bag helped to make your life a little easier so that you can focus on what’s important; showering your little miracle with an abundance of love. As always we welcome your feedback and are looking forward to hearing from you. Be well villagers, until next week!

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